Social Responsibility Principles of Kem-P Vibration Motors

1.Human Rights

We are extremely respectful to human rights. We are against forced employment, lack of profits and human trafficking. We treat everyone equally and fairly. we act in accordance with all laws.

We absolutely do not accept discrimination among employees within our organization for language, religion, race, gender, political thought, age, physical disability and any other similar reasons.

As Kem-P Vibration Motors family, we think that all our employees have the right to work in a safe and healthy environment under appropriate working conditions.. Our employees are our most valuable assets.

2. Working Conditions and Precautions

      2.1.Wages and Social Services

In addition to the wage and social services, minimum wage, overtime and social services required by law, all employees are provided with extra opportunities due to our corporate culture.

      2.2.Child Labor Employment

Child workers cannot be kept and accepted at any phase of production. Companies must obey the age restriction prescribed by ILO practices for child employment. This age restriction should not be below the age reached by the child at the end of the compulsory education period, and in no case under the age of 15.

      2.3. Health and Safety

            Our company is in charge of protecting the health and safety of all employees under the law.

3. Environment

We manage the environmental impact of our activities responsibly and take all precautions. Our company is obliged to implement all kinds of improvement and development activities that will minimize the environmental impact of its activities. Our company complies with the rules of "ISO 14001 Environmental Management System".

4. Collaborations with Universities

As Kem-P Vibration Motors, we are in constant contact with all universities in Izmir. We carry out joint projects with universities. We offer our interns opportunities in branches where they want to pursue a career.


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Contact Us


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