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PSV Series

The bodies and the covers of the bearings of Kem-P High Frequency vibration motors are GGG-40 SPHERO casting. It is break-proof and also has great power of endurance against corrosion for vibration applications.

The bearing bushings are sintered. The bearing will not corrode and there will not be bearing malfunctions.

Kem-P High Frequency vibration motors are being equipped with NJ series bearings which have got high level loading capacity.

The bearings are equipped with oil covers and oil seals to preserve the oil, so operations with lacking of oil will be prevent.

The balance covering,bearing and connector covers have been isolated perfectly with o-ring. It will not effect from water, humidity ( fume), dust and the natural conditions.

The inputs of the connector are protected by spiral compression glands to prevent from malfunctions like cable breaking or laxity ext.

The weight of the external vibration motors are fixed with stool,stay bolt screw and cleat.

Connector ( energy busbars) are fixed with epoxy resin to avoid from heavy vibration.


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